The BACnet gateway that allows communication between a building management system (BMS) using the BACnet protocol and lighting control system. This gateway between the two systems allows high-level communication, thereby opening up a number of integration opportunities. It allows the BMS to triger tasks and time based events in the lighting control system and enables the system to report back current system status. 


The BACnet protocol uses addressable points for communication; these addressing points can be adjustyed by the BMS for triggering required function such as timed events or the Philips Dynalite system for reporting back current system status.


An example of the kinds of functions that can be achieved is when the BMS system enters "After hours" mode, a request can be sent to the lighting control system via the BACnet protocol to turn off all the lighting on a partcular floor. The lighting control system can then flash the lighting off, warning any occupant still on the floor that they need to interact their continuing operation of the area by pressing an "afterhour" button or the lighting control system could use passive presence detectors for detecting occupants. If no occupants have indicated their presence, then the lighting control system will switch off the lighting and report this back to the BMS so that the air-conditioni plant can also be automatically shut down.