Dynalite System Integration
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Integration between various control systems within projects, reduce end-users need to have multiple interactions to perform what seems like one task such as “play DVD” or “arm security system”. To perform this function, many different control system elements need to work together. By using different Philips Dynalite gateways, these elements can be coordinated together to produce a seamless performance.

Philips Dynalite provides several different methods for interfacing with other services, such as building management systems (BMS), projector controllers and audio-visual controllers, blind motors and other third components. This guide outlines some examples of differing techniques.

Within any modern project, many third-party systems can be found performing different roles. Each separate system may use a different protocol for communication. Philips Dynalite has developed a range of gateway devices that can be used to synchronize these systems’ functions into one integrated system solution. By utilizing the correct gateway, different systems can be integrated, allowing end-users access to a fully automated site from one interface.By successfully integrating third-party systems with a Dynalite solution, repetitive end-user interaction is reduced.


Order code Product family code Description
913703080009 DIR-TX8 -
913703080209 DMNG100BT -
913703080309 DMNG232 -
913703080409 DPMI940 -
913703081009 DDFCUC024 -
913703081109 DDMIDC8 -
913703081309 DDNI485 -
913703081209 DDNG485 -
913703081409 DDNI-LON LON
913703082009 DNG100BT -
913703082209 DNG485 -
913703081309 EnvisionGateway -
913703081109 DDMIDC8 -

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